Moving Has Been Really Good for Me


I knew that life would be different after moving to California, and I have really loved every bit of it. It’s so different from where I grew up and have lived all my life in the Eastern portion of the United States. I go to a chiropractor in Carmichael CA that I have ended up marrying. He lives a good life, and he has taught me how to take better care of myself. After living in a state where it is cold for a long time each season, I now live in a state where people get outside in the sun to get exercise and feel better. It is so nice and I have felt right at home with all of it.

What are the things that struck me when I move to California was seeing how many people are out on the road every day. There are people walking and riding their bikes everywhere. Where I lived before, it’s pretty real, and it takes a long time to walk anywhere. So many people don’t do it. Most people spend their time in their car going to wherever they need to go. And because the winter season is so long because of the snow and the bitter cold temperatures, a lot of people don’t get out for at least half of the year. That was normal to me while I live there.

Once I moved to my new state, I decided that I wanted to get out of it more too. I found it really help the way that I feel everyday. I began to feel happier. I know part of this was getting more vitamin D because I was out in the sunlight everyday. But it also felt good to get out and stretch my legs after work, walk through the neighborhood and get to know my neighbors, and even lose a little bit of weight. Not long after I moved here, I started going to a chiropractor, and that is when I met my new husband.

Seeing a Chiropractor As an Athlete


I was a cheerleader all throughout high school, and I continue to engage in strenuous physical activity to this day. Being very active has taken a toll on my body, but it has also provided me with great benefits as well. I know that even on my worst days when I feel stiff and sore, there is always a remedy for me. I’ve been visiting Cary chiropractors for a while now, because I feel that seeing a chiropractor is the only thing that really works for me. I’ve tried more traditional types of medicine and visiting my general practitioner, but I just don’t feel as good as when I visit my chiropractor.

When you jump around a lot and participate in high impact sports, it’s really easy for you to do something to hurt your back and joints. I experienced this all throughout my youth, and now into adulthood. I would never dream of giving up these activities because they bring me so much joy, so I just make it a point to visit the chiropractor regularly to ensure that everything is as it should be. (more…)

Recommending a Chiropractor to My Neighbor


We just had a new family move into the neighborhood. They’re very nice, and we had them over for dinner earlier this week. The husband told me all about his previous life in a different state, and somehow the conversation turned to the topic of chiropractors. He’s been having some really severe back pain, and he and his wife were joking about how she stands on his back to make it feel better. I’ve been going to the chiropractor for years, so I suggested that they look up my chiropractor in Oklahoma City. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with him, and I always come out feeling better than when I first went in.

They were silent for a moment, and then they agreed that that would probably be the best course of action. The husband said that he generally tried to avoid going doctors, but that he was willing to give this a go. (more…)

Before and After Pictures Are the Real Deal


When I was younger, I used to be rather overweight. It was not until I started high school that I realized I did not want my weight to dictate my life, and I went on a three month diet and got extremely toned in the process. All stayed the same until I had my third child in my late 20s. After my first two, I was able to get back in shape quickly, but the third time was not a charm. I don’t give up easily though, which is why I did a search for coolsculpting in Austin 78746 once I heard about this procedure that actually freezes fat cells in trouble areas!

I was at a respectable weight, but there was loose skin in my abdomen region that was just embarrassing to me. I know it should not have bothered me, but being bullied at such a young age really did a number on me. I was not about to undergo a painful or surgical procedure to have it taken care of, but I liked everything that I read about coolsculpting. (more…)

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